Musée du Louvre, Creator (VIDEO ART Intallation)
Museé du Louvre is an exhaustive video cataloging of every penis on display in the Permanent Exhibition of the Louvre. That's right. EVERY SINGLE PENIS ON DISPLAY AT THE LOUVRE. One day I found myself particularly noticing all the penises that were on display at the Louvre– as well as the striking lack of the feminine equivalent. I decided to document every single one in the permanent collection (as photography is off limits in the temporary collections). Four day-long trips later, I had filmed, if only for a second or fraction of a second, every penis available in the Louvre. The video has been shown at The San Diego Museum of Art as part of the Summer Salon Series, The Southwestern College Faculty Art Exhibition, and Coup d'etat Piccard Contemporary art gallery, San Diego.