Fiction & Allegory: VIS 180B Students Final Screening, University of California, San Diego, March 2014 (Organizer)
Got the World on a Shoe String: Jason Stoneking at The Periscope Project, San Diego, July 2012 (Organizer)
N-GOM Finale, Find Out What Happens When Art Meets Fashion, Planet Rooth Design Haus, San Diego, April 2011 (Organizer)
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The Flâneur Reconsidered, The University of Florida’s Paris Research Center, Paris, France, July 2009 (Co-curator/Co-organizer with Barbara Jo Revelle)
Mexican/Chicano Art in Context, event for North Park Nights, (flier), Sister Lodge/Agitprop, San Diego, March 2009 (Co-organizer with David White)
UCSD Open Studios Spring 2006 & 2007, University of California, San Diego (Co-organizer with Sara Hunsucker)
Digital Crack, Digital Art and Video for the Web, California State University, San Marcos, CA, Dec 2007 (Organizer)
Living Information, organized for the Marcuse Gallery, La Jolla, CA, 2006 (Curator)

          Agitprop, San Diego, CA:

N-GOM PREVIEW: Art Meets Fashion collaborative project with Guy Lombardo, Anjela Piccard and the Teen Producers Project, Jan 2011 (Organizer)
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FRINGE THEORIES: Ideas that Depart Significantly from the Orthodox or Prevailing Views, December 2009 (Curator)
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          Lui Velazquez, Tijuana, México:

New Drawings, at Lui Velazquez 2009 (Organizer)
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Lui Velazquez Presents Trish Stone & Aldo Guerra, May 2009 (Curator)
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Intimate Simulations, Grand Opening of Lui Velazquez 2.0 April 2009 (Co-curator with Micha Cardenas and Felipe Zúñiga)
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The Infinity Lab Presents Phantom Slightings: Art After the Post-Chicano Movement December 2008 (Organizer/Participant)
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Voice Chat with Stelarc and Micha Cardenas, “The Body in Transmission/Transition: Learning to Live in Mixed Realities”, As part of Becoming Dragon, streamed live at Lui Velazquez (Organizer of streaming event at Lui Velazuqez)
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Lui Velazquez Presents Glenna Jennings and Fabian Cereijido, November 2008 (Co-organizer with Felipe Zúñiga)
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Lui Velazquez Presents Bob Rob Medina, “Buttoning Up the Border”, Lui Velazquez, Tijuana, September 2008 (Curator)
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