Reviewer Magazine

> Jesus Hates You Now: Cinematic Puppetry, an interview with Tristan Newcomb, Reviewer Magazine, March 2013
> Three Junctures of Remix, a short interview with Eduardo Navas, Reviewer Magazine, March 2013
> I AM NOT A HIPSTER San Diego/Sundance Film Finally Available Online, January 2012
> Get Your Hands Dirty and Customize Your Motorcycle (or have it done for you), January 2012
> Smoking Crack, Orgies, and Incest, Oh My: New Literature at The Periscope Project, November 2012
> New Film STYRIA: Interview Mauricio Chernovetzky and Mark Devendorf, October, 2012
> The Photo Palace, A Photo Darkroom on Wheels: Interview with Anton Orlov, September 2012
> STALL30 at White Box Contemporary, July 2012
> 48 Hour Film Project, a First Hand Account, July 2012
> Create at Will: An Interview with Adam Murillo, March 2012
> A Sculptural Lighting Collection: Interview with artists Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael, March 2012
> The RAW-ist of the RAW: Interview with Erleen Nada, March, 2012
> The Tantalizing and Gut Wrenching Art of Surly Gurly: Interview with Surly Gurly, March 2012
> The Dark Arts of Dolls, Interview with Lynn Dewart, January 2012
> Saigon Cool: Posters, Tattoos and “Chicken Girls” + Interview with Punk Rocker and Bar Owner Ben Burns, January 2012
> Art Basel Miami Beach: Art Fair Vital Necessity and Dirty Whore, December 2011
> Chess is Sexy: Pin Up Calendars for the Chess Players in Your Posse (Interview with Photographer Leslie McAllister), December 2011
> On the Film Set of POINT OF INFECTION (interview with Jodi Cilley), November 2011
> On the Film set of FIRESALE: Yes, People do make films in San Diego (interview with Josh Krohn), November 2011
> I Hate Dolphins, November 2011
> Jumping Fucking Freight Trains, Reviewer Magazine (cover story), April 2011

Other Publications

> Mascara Monsters: Fuck Me. Blow Me. Spank Me. Rub Me., Punk Globe, May 2012
> The San Diego Fine Art Society and Rebecca Goodman’s Artist Talk: A Learning Experience, San Diego Fine Art Society: Art News Blog, December 2010
> Lesha Marie Rodriguez, New Contemporaries III at Project X: Art, exhibition catalog, March 2010
> All e-Communication is Miscommunication, Pros* Journal, January 2010
> Luis de Jesus gallery review, written for Artweek, July 2009
> Kim MacConnel and Brian Dick, ART NOTES: Kim MacConnel and Brian Dick DISCOMBOBULATED: Art Notes by Robin Clark, Gabrielle Wyrick, Vallo Riberta, Katherine    Sweetman (pdf), April 2009
> Swimming in the Media Stream, Show Review Mesa College, San Diego, August 2008

San Diego Visual Arts Network, SDVAN Picked Raw Peeled

> Defying Expectations Preview and Opening Reception, July 2010
> Conspiracy Theory, April 2010
> Michele Guieu Takes Command of The Art Produce Gallery, January 2010
> Eileen Myles is a Legend, December 2009
> Tijuana/San Diego Cooperation and Confrontation at the Interface, October 2009
> Homing In – An Exhibition of 50 San Diego Artists, June 2009
> Gabriel Figueroa: Cinematographer, CECUT exhibition review, April 2009
> Deportation Nation: Visual Migrations, February 2009
> Christmas at La Casa del Tunel, December 2008
> I want to see you in my clothes! Glenna Jennings and Fabian Cereijido at Lui Velazquez, November 2008
> Tijuana is intense, October 2008

San Diego Entertainer Magazine:

> Venereal Narratives and Other Cautionary Tales at Planet Rooth Design Haus, February 2011
> Bringing The Parisian Salon to San Diego, Thursday Nights at The San Diego Museum of Art, May 2010
> The Man Behind the Latino Film Festival, January 2010
> Local Screening of The Yes Men Fix The World, November 2009
> TNT’s Explosive Comeback at the Downtown Museum of Contemporary Art, November 2009
> Little Gallery, Big Art: Art Produce Gallery Presents “United & Severed”, October 2009

San Diego CityBeat

> Mr. Nice Guy: Alexander Salazar may be sweet, but he’s also serious about selling art, August 2010
> Best Alternative Art Gallery, Best Off-the-Beaten-Path Day Trip, Best Study Cafe, November 2009
> X Marks the Spot: San Diego Artist Doug Thompson X’s greatest masterpiece just might be where he lays his head, September 2009
> Extra! Extra!: From Hummer humping to teaching kids about world news, artist Tim Schwartz is as subversive as he is sweet, July 2009
> Lust for Life: Paris expat Michele Guieu paints away the world’s troubles, June 2009
> The Image Collector: From collages to documentary film, no art medium is off limits to Perry Vasquez, February 2009
> Morbidly Aware: Painter Ricardo Islas uses memories and experience to present his gritty version of border life and Brent Beltrán puts together a cultural series on deportations,    January 2009
> The Gender of Dragon, November 2008
> Make Some Noise: Nina Waisman creates the soundscape—you create the sound, San Diego CityBeat, October 2008

Personal Blog

> SD ART I FACTS personal musings http://sdartifacts.blogspot.com/